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Current Projects - UL FGG Chair of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering

- Ljubljanica River experimental catchment monitoring system

The Ljubljanica River catchment is an example of a hydrologically highly heterogeneous catchment (karstic hydrogeological characteristics, torrential characteristics, lowland Ljubljanica River marshes). Hydrological and hydraulic experimental monitoring system covers several sub-catchments of different sizes. The monitoring system consists of the field equipment owned by: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering and the Slovenian Environmental Agency (ARSO).

The main Ljubljanica River experimental catchment is equipped with 18 rain gauge stations (Figure 1) and 17 water stations in the lower section of the river (Figure 2). 3 water stations have online connection. At 3 locations, dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations are measured by automatic DO sensor.

Figure 1: Rain gauge stations at the Ljubljanica River experimental catchment (the red rectangle indicates the area shown in Figure 2.)

Figure 2: Water stations in the lower (lowland) part of the Ljubljanica River.

The monitoring system at the Gradaščica River (tributary of the Ljubljanica River) is shown in Figure 3. The rainfall is recorded at 10 tipping bucket rain gauges, one meteorological station and 1 disdrometer, stream discharge at 3 waters stations. At two water stations, a multi parameter water quality sonde can be installed. The probe is equipped with a temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, nitrate, and turbidity sensor.

Figure 3: Monitoring system at the Gradaščica River.

- The Gradaščica Experimental River Basin:

Description of the experimental river basin:

At the Chair of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering, the following instruments are used for hydrological measurements:

Instruments used:

Evaporation station – Model 3590
Hellmann rain gauge
Decagon lysimeter
OTT Parsivel disdrometer

Measurement results:

Hellmann rain gauge - precipitation volume and intensity from 10 Oct. 2011 to 20 Oct. 2014:

Evaporation station – Model 3590 from 16 April 2014 to 6 August 2014
PDF; XLS; JPG - Total wind movement; JPG - Daily wind movement

Decagon lysimeter - determining the volume of precipitation percolation from 25 April 2014 to 29 Sept. 2014

OTT Parsivel disdrometer - precipitation volume and intensity from 8 August 2013 to 14 July 2014
XLS; JPG - Total precipitation volume

Photo Gallery of the Experimental River Basin:


Online data:
Data on precipitation volume in real time – disdrometer at Črni Vrh

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