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The Glinščica Experimental River Basin:

Description of the experimental river basin:

Ecomorphological analysis was conducted at the Glinščica and Pržanec streams. In this way, we tried to establish the physical modifications to streams and the deviation from the potential natural conditions. We used the inventory form for assessing the RCE index.

Physico-chemical parameters of the Glinščica were measured along with ecomorphological assessments at the Glinščica and Pržanec streams. We measured the following physical parameters: temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, oxygen saturation in water, oxygen concentration, total suspended solids. Furthermore, the following chemical parameters were measured: BOD5, nitrate and orthophosphate concentrations.

Measurement results:

Physico-chemical parameters and ecomorphological assessment:
Glinščica - data for 2010
Glinščica - data for 2011
Glinščica - data for 2012
Glinščica - data for 2013
Glinščica - data for 2014

Photo Gallery of the Experimental River Basin:

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